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The Complete AFI Video Source

AFI Video and Live mp3 Downloads


Up to 6 GigaBytes of AFI videos. Live, studio, television, interviews, and other miscellaneous videos.
Also available are tonnes of live mp3s. No need to go out and buy $60 bootlegs, get them here and
discover THEIR SECRET!

If you are planning on using #afi-vids then please take the time to note these rules! Failure to follow these rules WILL result in a banning.

1. Do NOT disrespect people within the channel (or the band)
2. Do NOT argue with channel operators
3. Do NOT bring in FileServes with a non A-V| prefix
4. Do NOT SPAM (advertise your site/advertise a band etc...). +v Servers may advertise their Fserve.
5. Do NOT beg for ops

If you have decided to help with the channel and make a FileServe:
1. The FileServe MUST have the 'A-V|' prefix (i.e. A-V|John)
2. You MUST notify an operator (users with @ next to name) for some basic rules
3. You will NOT share videos that are available for purchase (i.e. Clandestine) or DF-Only Videos! (VERY IMPORTANT!)
4. You MAY share videos from other bands, so long as you share a fair amount of AFI Videos
5. Go here for a good Fserve client if you are unsure on how to set one up. It provides a step-by-step guide with picture help.

Want to trade your rare videos instead of give them out? Try one of these:
1. Message an operator
2. Offer a trade within the channel
3. Check out our Complete AFI Online Video List

Follow these simple rules and you will have no problems.

Sick of waiting in queues? Create an Fserve and help out. You WILL receive benefits.

NB: As always when you're connected to the internet, it is a good idea to have an anti-virus program and a firewall to prevent viruses and intrusion attempts. First, if you are using Windows XP, enable your firewall on the "Advanced" tab of your internet connection properties. Second, we recommend that you use an external firewall as well. A good, free one can be found at

1. Download mIRC from
2. Open the downloaded file. The installation program should pop up.
3. Follow the instructions there to install mIRC.
4. When mIRC is opened for the first time you should see the "Options" dialog box. If you donít see it automatically, find the following button (highlighted in pink) and click it:


In the "Connect" section, fill in your name and email address (they donít need to be real) and the nick you'd like to use (and an alternate in case the nick you choose is already taken).


Move down a section to "Servers." Choose "DALnet" for the IRC Network, for IRC Servers, "Acool," "Dragons," and "Hotspeed" are good choices. It generally doesn't matter which one you pick though.


In the "DCC" section, select the options shown above.


Again, select the options shown above in the "Options" section.


Don't skip this step! If you don't disable DCC ignore you won't be able to download anything. Make sure you uncheck the box at the bottom so it doesn't turn itself on again later.


Now go back to the "Servers" section and click "Connect To Server" to connect!


You should see a window that says "DALnet [nick]". Here you can watch as your IRC client connects to a server. Once it has connected your window should look similar to the one above. Type "/j afi-vids" in the box at the bottom and hit enter. A new window should pop up, similar to the one below.


After reading any messages given to you when you enter the channel, type "!list" and press enter to view the fileservers serving in our channel. If you don't get any results, there are probably no fileservers in the channel. Please check back later.


Each fileserver will show you a list of triggers you can use to access their files. Choose the trigger you want to use and highlight it to copy it (DON'T hold down "Ctrl" when you highlight). Paste it in. An example of a trigger is "/ctcp A-V|Alli FreeVids!" (Some people have trouble with colour tags. You should NOT enter something like "c8#/ctcp A-V|Alli FreeVids!b6r$") You probably won't be able to use triggers with the word "exclusive" in them as these are extra benefits for people who share videos! Wait for a new window to open (you may have to manually click accept). You should now see something like the following:


Type "dir" when you see [\] to view the directory of folders.


Pick a folder you would like to look in. To view the folder's contents, type "cd foldername" where foldername is the name of the folder.... duh. Again, remember that you can highlight words to copy them.


You'll see text like "[\foldername]". When you see this, type "dir" again to get a directory listing of the contents. If there are more folders (written in CAPS for the most part) to navigate, repeat the previous steps.


When in your desired destination, look at the list of files given. If you don't want any of the files in this folder, skip ahead to step 8. If you do want one, type "get filename.ext" where filename.ext is the file name and point extension. An example of this is shown above. DO NOT include the size in mb (this common error is pictured here).


Transfer of file will start. You may close this second chat window but do NOT close the main channel window as your transfer will be cut!

8. To go BACK a folder, type "cd .." and it'll take you out of the folder you're currently in, into that folder's containing folder. Type "dir" to view this new folder's contents or type "cd .." again to continue to move back through folders. When you come across another folder you'd like to look in, go back to step 4.


Once you've mastered the basics, you can try searching for files if you'd like. Type "@find" followed by the word you want to search for. If you don't get any results this is probably because no one in the channel has a file containing that word. The results window will display the trigger you should use to access that file, as well as the folder it's contained in.

Sometimes we have so many files containing the searched word that not all will appear in the results. If this occurs, try using a more specific search term. Depending on the FileServe, sometimes searching "Miseria Cantare" will not return results of files named "Miseria_Cantare". It is recommend that you only use this search feature if you know the exact filename you are after.


- ixnay and Alli

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